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Welcome to AWCCA, Inc

November 2023

Hello Members of AWCCA and Arizona Workers’ Compensation Community,

It is with a heavy heart that the AWCCA board has decided to cease operations. With the absence of a President or Vice President on our Executive Board, and due to waning interest and support from the community, the board reviewed our finances and decided we cannot assuredly meet the organization’s financial obligations if we continue to host events with only limited participation from the Arizona Workers’ Compensation industry.

We will be processing pro-rata reimbursements of 2023-2024 membership dues and ensuring full payment of the organizations’ current financial obligations. In accordance with the AWCCA Constitution and Bylaws, we will be disbursing any remaining account funds to AWCCA charities.

We appreciate the assistance and support the work comp industry has offered throughout the years and hope the community continues to support other Arizona-based organizations focused on workers’ compensation networking, training, and education.


AWCCA Board of Directors:  Andrea Lester, Jim Gill, Jennifer McDaniel, Nichole Watson, Leslie Olmsted, Jodie Crawford, Sam Lloyd, Susan Williams, Linda Barton, Michael Nathe, Stephanie Johnson, Adonis Marquez, Fidiam Guerrero and Betty Booth

A professional association dedicated to continuing education, mutual understanding, and cooperation within the workers’ compensation claims industry.

The Executive Team

Position Available


Position Available

Vice President

Jennifer McDaniel


Nichole Watson



2022-2023 Charities

Kids Chance Of Arizona

2022-2023 Charity

Child Crisis Arizona

2022-2023 Charity

Phoenix Children's Project

2022-2023 Charity

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